Reducing our carbon footprint

 We are passionate about the environment!

At Bellwoods Removals we’ve been reducing our carbon footprint well before it became the latest buzz word. Ever since HM Customs and Excise changed the rules on small fuel producers, we started used bio diesel as our main source of fuel. We actually started off by mixing our own fuel, now of course we buy from one of the many bio fuel suppliers.

Renewable energy is the way forward, for so many years we have been smothering our planet with carbon emissions, green house gasses and other pollutants, as a company we try to do more than our fair share to save the planet and as individuals we also do our bit. Where possible we choose green fuel tariffs and our staff are trained on driving slower and in higher gears.

Bellwoods Removals are contracted by various different councils and authorities. Most of these establishments insist that we have a solid and sustainable green policy.

We are licensed waste carriers, this means that we must keep up to date with EU directives and local policies on waste disposal and recycling.