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All About Almondbury

The village of Almondbury (named as “Alemanberie” in the Domesday Book and as “Almonbury” in other old documents) is situated on higher ground to Huddersfield and for several centuries remained the more important of the two neighbouring parishes.

The historic Parish of Almondbury comprised the land to the south of what is now known as the River Colne, also encompassed the townships and chapelries of Austonley, Farnley Tyas, Holme, Honley, Lingarths, Linthwaite, Lockwood, Marsden in Almondbury, Meltham, Netherthong, South Crosland, and Upperthong.

Almondbury was granted a market charter in June 1294 by King Edward I and became the centre of trade for the surrounding area. The Parish Church of All Hallows (also known as All Saints) also dates from the 13th Century.

The granting of the a market charter to Huddersfield in 1671 and the subsequent improvements to transportation links — namely the building of the Huddersfield Broad Canal in the 1770s, the Huddersfield Narrow Canal (opened 1811) and the coming of the railway in the 1840s — led to Almondbury diminishing in importance to its more rapidly expanding neighbour during the Industrial Revolution.

A list of “Unions and Parishes” complied for the 1862 Parliamentary Papers stated that the township of Almondbury included the hamlets of “Castle Hill Side, Cold Hill, Fennybridge, Newsome, Oaks, and Thorpe”.

The scheduled ancient monument of Castle Hill is situated to the west of the village. A relatively large number of buildings granted a Listed Status can be found in the area, particularly along Town End, Northgate and Westgate.

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