Meet the team at Bellwoods Removals

Meet The Team

Our team are very busy, as soon as we can get together in one place, we’ll have a picture taken and pop it on this page. You can see us in action by clicking here to open our gallery.

Meet the vans

We operate one of the newest, youngest and most environmentally friendly fleet of vans in Huddersfield. We wont turn up with an old badly maintained ‘X reg’ van, you’ll get modern clean vans when you use Bellwoods Removals. We know that you, then customer doesn’t want their neighbours seeing a mucky old van turning up to move them, so hire us and keep the cowboys at bay.

Our vans are kitted out with professional high strength piano straps (not rope, string or anything else like that), we carry professional tool boxes and piano moving equipment. Our van floors aren’t lined in carpet (yes, some companies do put old carpet down to hide the old distressed floor beneath).

Our removal vans, house and piano removals in Huddersfield.

Here’s two of our vans, we use custom built aluminium bodies on some of our vans which not only cut down on weight, but look professional too. All of our vehicles are in tip top condition, we only use modern vehicles. All vehicles are equipped with a well stocked tool box, clean furniture protection and in most cases, piano removal equipment.

Here’s our ‘Piano Wagon’ this is our workhorse, it travels all around the country transporting pianos and other delicate items far and wide.

Here’s another one of our vans, pictured around Castle Hill (Victoria tower) in Huddersfield on a nice sunny day. This van was retired back in 2008.