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Do You Have An Old Piano That Needs Recycling?

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Piano Recycling Near Me. If you need to have a piano taken away for recycling, it`s not easy. It’s too heavy to lift in to your car and it’s too hard to manoeuvre out of the house and over the door steps etc.

Bellwoods Removals are licensed to legally transport and dispose of your piano. We are your local piano recycling company based in West Yorkshire.

Pianos don’t go to landfill. When we have collected your piano, we take it back to our yard where it is dismantled in to its key elements, mainly wood and metal. The wood is recycled and often turned in to briquettes. The metal is transported and recycled separately.

Unlike your local council, we DO remove your piano from inside your house (upstairs, downstairs, wherever) and unlike your local council we can give you a date and a approximate time when we will call, meaning you won’t have a piano in your front garden for a few weeks or longer.

Our Waste Carriers license number is CBDU133377 (Upper Tier Carrier).

Piano Recycling Near Me, Piano Disposal Service

Arranging your Piano Disposal / Recycling

 If you have a piano to dispose of, please just call us or Click Here to get a quotation for disposal.


Step 1:

We come to your address at a pre-arranged time (or time block) and collect your piano. We will collect your piano from inside your property and remove it in to our van. At this point we will ask for full payment unless you`ve already paid in advance. In most cases our drivers will have card facilities on them so can accept payment by card.

Step 2:

At this stage your piano is now classed as commercial waste and is transported under our waste carriers license (CBDU133377) to our own yard in Huddersfield. This is where the piano is broken down in to its individual components. Our aim is to send less than 1% of the piano to landfill. The main components of the piano and wood and metal both of which are fully recycled.


*This information was correct at the time of writing (June 2023). The disposal process is subject to change.