Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our frequently asked questions

Everything below should answer your house removal questions.

Are you insured?

We offer enhanced liability cover for a nominal cost (on a per £1000 cover required basis). A lot of smaller removal companies have goods in transit policies, these are very inferior methods of insurance and often incur high excesses. Our liability cover has NO excess and is a professional removers policy.

How long will my removal take?

An average 3 bedroom removal can take from 3 to 7 hours. Beware of some removal companies that charge by the hour, they take as long as they can to get as much as they can out of you. If we offer an hourly rate, we work at the same speed whether you’re paying by the hour or fixed price.

How long can I keep the boxes that you have supplied for my removal?

If we have included boxes in with your quotation, the boxes are yours to keep forever. We supply flat packed carboard boxes that you can write on if you wish. All that we ask is that you recycle them when you have finished with them, i.e. carboard recycling facility or pass them on to a friend that is moving etc. We can collect your boxes from you once you have finished with them, please contact us when you`re ready for them to be collected.

Can I leave my chest of drawers full?

As a general guide the answer is maybe, if your drawers are full of heavy books or similar items then it would be advisable to empty them. But if the drawers arent over full and only have light clothes in, then they should be fine.

Are you able to move your LCD or Plasma TV?

Yes, we a very experienced with delicate, large electrical items. If you don’t have the original packaging then we will wrap and protect the television in our vehicle.

Are you able to move my computer?

Yes we are also very experienced in moving computers. We can also assist in dismantling the computer, noting down which ports each connector goes in to and then making sure it’s re assembled in the same manner. Please advise us in advance if you require this service.

How should I prepare my washing machine or dishwasher for moving?

We ask you to un plumb and if possible drain the washer prior to our arrival. Most people don’t re install their transit brackets, but if you want to then it’s fine by us. We are unable to plumb in your washing machine.

How should I prepare my cooker for moving?

We ask you to disconnect or unplug your cooker prior to our arrival. We are not trained or insured to work on Gas appliances or electrical appliances. We may be able to recommend a qualified workman to carry out the work if you need this.

Who is repsonsible for keeping access to my property clear for the removal vans?

It is the customers responsibility to keep access to the property clear. We need room to park the removal van(s) as close as possible so that we can safely carry out your removal.

Some people put up signs the night before the removal day or speak to neighbours to warn them of the impending removal. You could also put your own car outside to keep the space, or even an obstacle like a wheelie bin (local rules permitting of course).

Can you remove things from my loft?

We can only go in to your loft if it is safely boarded out, we cannot go in to un boarded lofts for health and safety reasons.

Can I leave valuables in my drawers?

Yes, we have 100% faith and trust in our employees, most of whom have been with us for years. We have had no reported losses of any valuable items involving our staff. We do recommend a common sense approach though, make sure small items are packed in a box of some kind so that they don’t fall out, also if something is of very high value we must be made aware of this for liability cover reasons.

Do I need to empty my fridge or freezer before the removal?

This all depends on the size of your fridge or freezer. If it’s an American style fridge then yes you do, however if its a small to medium sized fridge or freezer then just take out any liquids and breakable items.

Do your prices include moving boxes?

If you have been given a fixed price for your removal then it may include boxes. The amount of boxes we supply free depends on how big your removal is. Please refer to your written quotation from us or give us a call for more info.

What size boxes do you supply?

We can supply various sized boxes. The boxes we usually supply are our once used large boxes (when in stock, otherwise medium sized boxes).

Do you wrap or protect items that are placed in to storage?

Yes we do, all mattresses are placed in to protective bags, settees are also covered with plastic settee covers, as are chairs, rugs and cushions etc. We offer this as a free service to our storage customers. Customers storing elsewhere can purchase these items from our shop, click here.

Do you have a green policy or plans to reduce your carbon footprint

Yes, we’ve been passionate about the environment for many years, well before it become the latest buzz word, click here for our policies.

When you unload, do you put boxes in the correct rooms as written on them?

Yes we always take note of what’s written on the box, including whether its NON stackable (i.e. fragile) and where it belongs. We also place all furniture in the rooms you request, even if it didn’t originally come from an upstairs room.