Piano Removals in Huddersfield and West Yorkshire

Piano Removals all over West Yorkshire.

Piano Removal Specialists.

If you need a piano moving in Huddersfield, Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Wakefield or anywhere in West Yorkshire or the UK, just give us a call or use our piano quotation page to get a quote.

We travel all over West Yorkshire and the UK, to schools, councils, universities and personal customers to move every kind of piano there is. We move uprights, grands, pianolas, organs. clavinova’s, electric grand’s and virtually all heavy musical instruments.

We can move pianos upstairs, downstairs, over walls and just about anywhere you can imagine.

Piano Removal Specialists in Huddersfield and all over the UK

Latest News:

We were recently booked to move 18 pianos (grand and upright) upstairs in to Huddersfield Town Hall, for Christian Marclay’s Investigations World Premiere. All of our hard work paid off in the end, see the picture above.

Do you need a piano moving?

Why choose Bellwoods Removals?

We have over 40 years experience in both household and piano removals. Over this time we have perfected the art of moving, after all such a finely tuned instrument needs delicate handling, not four strapping blokes manhandling it as though it’s a wardrobe.

Don’t take our word for it, see our testimonials at the right of this page. Or click here to see more.

Our vehicles carry a variety of equipment, including protective coverings, protective slippers and much more. All of our staff are trained and compliant with the latest health and safety requirements.

Just bought a piano on Ebay?

Heard the neighbour is giving one away? Or just want a price for moving your own? Get a free online quote for moving your piano, click here.

Upright and Grand piano removals in West Yorkshire

Key Benefits

We are piano removal specialists

We can move any type of piano or other musical instrument, upright, grand, Pianola, clavinova

We cover the whole of UK.

Full comprehensive liability cover is available for a small charge.

We've moved many pianos in many situations, we have all kinds of equipment to enable us to move just about any piano in to any location, no matter how difficult it is.

We move any size of Steinway Grand pianos (incl D grand), we move Yamaha grand's and upright, Kemble uprights and many many more.

Each piano removal is different and we fully understand your needs and worries when it comes to having your piano removed. It doesn’t matter how easy or hard the removal is, in most cases we can give you a quotation for the whole removal over the phone and then if you are happy with the price, we’ll make a definite booking or let you go away and think about it for a while.

We are trusted by many Local Authorities, Town Halls, Universities and Household all around the UK. Virtually all local piano tuners only recommend Bellwoods Removals for a safe and courteous piano removal.

But what about that doorway with a tight turn! We’ve been told many times ‘it wont go out that way’ or ‘you’ll never get it through there’, well in most cases we do and with little fuss. Did you know that most pianos, even the larger German ones go around most tight corners (45 degrees) and in fact the same piano can be taken upstairs or downstairs, through doors, past counters, around obstacles and even over walls. Don’t believe us, click here to take the ‘Piano Challenge’

We cover the whole of the UK for piano removals, but can offer the best prices in the following areas, Huddersfield, Kirklees, Halifax, Calderdale, Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Marsden, Linthwaite, Slaithwaite, Sowerby Bridge, Luddenden Foot, Meltham, Almondbury, Lindley, Salendine Nook, Honley, Skelmanthorpe and all surrounding areas.

Take our Unique piano challenge and see if you can work out which doorways an upright piano will fit through, click here.

See us in action moving all kinds of pianos, click here to see our Gallery.