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All About Lindley

Lindley, situated as it is near the M62 on the outskirts of Huddersfield, seems no more than a suburb, but it is in all respects a thriving village. Mentioned in the Domesday Book, the name Lindley is thought to be derived from ‘Lin Leah’ meaning ‘flax clearing’, an early link with the textile village it was to become. Lindley possibly grew up as a settlement close to a transpennine drovers’ route, then prospered because of its grazing, quarries, its home looms and later its mills, mostly textile but including a prosperous wire company which made its fortune producing mechanised card clothing. The mills and the wire company still exist and Lindley has a measure of fine old houses once inhabited by the wealthy mill owners.

Lindley’s best known landmark is its clock tower, built in 1902 in the Art Nouveau style for Mr James Nield Sykes of Sykes Brothers Wire Company in Acre Street. It was designed by Edgar Wood. The mill owner’s reasons for building the tower were reputedly mercenary – so that his workers should never need to be late for work! The clock tower was a favourite landmark of Sir John Betjeman, the late Poet Laureate. The theme for the sculpture on the tower is Time, and the eternal virtues of Truth, Purity, Love and Justice.

The tower stands in a commanding position at the junction of five roads, a lasting monument to the Lindley of 90 years ago and the values of a bygone age. The architect, Edgar Wood, was also responsible for a pleasing terrace of houses on Lindley’s main street, Lidget Street, for a solid Victorian mansion, Briarcourt, now a home for the mentally handicapped, and for the communion table in Lindley Methodist church, again donated by James Nield Sykes.

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