Bellwoods Removals | Bellwoods Removals Huddersfield | COVID-19 information
Bellwoods Removals, COVID-19 information
Bellwoods Removals, COVID-19 information
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COVID-19 and Bellwoods Removals


January 5th, 2021 – The UK is now in full lockdown again. We are still operating as this is specifically permitted by the Government. Here`s a bit more information about moving house during lockdown.


November 2nd, 2020 – As of Thursday 5th Nov 2020 the United Kingdwom will be in lockdown again. We are still working but we are introducing extra steps to your removal. It`s important that customers work with us during this stage.

Upon our arrival, whilst you are showing us around, we would like you to wear a face covering and we will also be wearing face coverings, this is because it`s hard to keep a 2-metre distance during this stage.

Once you have shown us around, you can remove your face covering if you wish, we just ask that you keep at least 2 metres distance from our staff from this stage onwards. We may also removal our face coverings as it`s sometimes quite hard to breathe through a mask whilst carrying out strenuous activities.

Please at all times limit the amount of people who are in your houses. Ideally, we would request only ONE adult is in the property whilst we are carrying out your removal. We realise this isn’t always practical, but definitely don’t have your family come to visit whilst you’re mid removal.

You can find more information by clicking here.


September 24th, 2020 – New stricter lockdown rules come in to force today for the whole of the UK. We are still working just as before; we have plenty of gloves and sanitizer to last for a good few months. RE Face Coverings: We are excluded from wearing face coverings by the new rules under the heading ‘People Who Are Exempt From Wearing A Face Covering’, using rule ‘To Avoid Harm Or Injury, Or The Risk Of Harm Or Injury, To Yourself Or Others – Including If It Would Negatively Impact On Your Ability To Exercise Or Participate In A Strenuous Activity’. We are also exempt under the rule ‘If You Are Undertaking Exercise Or An Activity And It Would Negatively Impact Your Ability To Do So’. We do however encourage our customers to wear a face covering if/where possible. We are also encouraging employees to download the new NHS Tracing App.


September 8th, 2020 – We’ve been out of local lock down for a while now, not much else has changed. We`re still working, following safe working practices and keeping safe.


July 31st, 2020 – Kirklees has just been put in to a temporary lockdown (Government info, click here). This DOES NOT affect our work at the moment, we are still operating as normal, carrying out removals. Social distancing still applies as before though.


June 26th, 2020 – Lockdown rules are now relaxed. We are still sanitising throughout removals but are no longer wearing disposable gloves on every job. If you are shielding, then please let us know and we will wear gloves (we will also sanitise anything we`ve touched during your removal).


May 13th – From today the government will make it legal to carry out viewings, house moves and trips to letting or estate agents.

The exceptions have been made public as part of new laws loosening the coronavirus lockdown in England.

The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020 say people may leave the home “to undertake any of the following activities in connection with the purchase, sale, letting or rental of a residential property”.

This includes visiting estate or letting agents, developer sales offices or show homes; viewing residential properties to look for a property to buy or rent; and moving home.


May 10th – Prime Minister Boris Johnson has today relaxed the rules slightly regarding Covid-19 restrictions. We are fully open and waiting for your business. With sensible rules and 2 metre distancing, there’s no reason why you can’t move house now. Please Call or Email us to arrange your removal.


May 7th – Just an update to say we are still carrying out Piano and House removals. Social distancing is a must at all times.


April 14th 8am – Not much has changed at the moment. We are still available for essential moves where you are moving into an empty house (or into our warehouse). We strictly adhering to the 2 metre social distancing rules.


March 29th 3pm – We have a little clarification in black and white now. If you click here, you will see section 4 (Going to work). It clearly states in there “Work carried out in people’s homes, for example by tradespeople carrying out repairs and maintenance, can continue, provided that the tradesperson is well and has no symptoms. Again, it will be important to ensure that Public Health England guidelines, including maintaining a 2 metre distance from any household occupants, are followed to ensure everyone’s safety.”.


March 27th 7am – Sky News has published an article saying ‘Britons told not to move house‘. Reading through the article, it is still possible to move SOME people, but it`s now very limited. If you read the article, it states ””Homebuyers and renters should, where possible, delay moving to a new house while measures are in place to fight coronavirus (COVID-19).””. ”Where the property being moved into is vacant, then you can continue with this transaction although you should follow the guidance in this document on home removals.”. ”Where the property is currently occupied, we encourage all parties to do all they can to amicably agree alternative dates to move, for a time when it is likely that stay-at-home measures against coronavirus (COVID-19) will no longer be in place.”. ”If moving is unavoidable for contractual reasons and the parties are unable to reach an agreement to delay, people must follow advice on staying away from others to minimise the spread of the virus.”

BBC News at 8:09am also discussed the house moving/buying issue. Their advice was the same as above, but added if you cant delay your move then it can go ahead, the police will not be called to stop you.


March 26th 4pm – We now have clarification that working at the moment is legal for us (although we are trying our best to limit jobs to essential ones only). Click Here to read the rules in force at the time of writing this. We are operating under rule 6(2)f


March 26th 8am – We’re still monitoring Gov web pages and mainstream media. At the moment we are still working. The chancellor will be announcing a support package for self-employed later today, if the support is strong enough then we might shut down. We will endeavour to complete any jobs that are already booked in.


March 25th 7am – Nothing new to add. Today’s customers will receive a text with a link to this site and to ask them to at least stick to the 2-metre rule.


March 24th 6:50pm – BBC News 24, there’s been a long discussion about who can work and where etc. The consensus was that Removals can go ahead due to the complexity of the house moving process. The 2-metre rule will of course always apply.


March 24th 7:45am –  BBC News 24 were speaking live to Michael Gove.  He was asked whether removals could go ahead. Michael Gove’s advice was ”if it`s possible, then cancel your removal”.


March 24th 2020 7am – The government announced last night (23rd March 2020) that we are pretty much in lock down. At the time of writing this, we are unsure whether we are able to carry out removals anymore.

The following official link (click here) has advice. The document titled ”Full guidance on staying at home and away from others.pdf” states that everybody has to stay at home unless ”Travelling to and from work​, but only where this absolutely cannot be done from home”.

Obviously, we can’t do removals from home, but we don’t want to break any laws or to appear to be flaunting the rules. We are no longer doing quotations face to face, all quotations are done via video call now (facetime, whatsapp etc).

We strongly believe that adhering to the 2-metre rule, or even better making sure you are not in our vicinity whilst we are at your property, along with proper sanitation that we can reduce the risk to an acceptable level.

Do you wear PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)?

Yes! As a minimum we are wearing fresh gloves at the start of every removal, which we change when needed throughout the removal. We are also sanitising the gloves during the removal.

Do you use Hand Sanitiser?

Yes, we do. In February 2020 we purchased plenty of sanitiser to protect our workforce at work and at home. We use sanitiser throughout all removals, before during and after.

How are you avoiding contact with other people?

We are strictly enforcing the 2-metre rule. We advise all customers to also stick to the 2 metre rule whilst we carry out your removal. Where possible, please limit the amount of people in your house during your removal.

I am high risk (elderly, underlying illness), what should I do?

Please make sure you are NOT in the same room as any of our staff. Make us aware that you are high risk and we will take extra measures to wipe down any surfaces we touch.

What payment methods will you be accepting during the COVID-19 outbreak?

Our preferred payment method is BACS. Our drivers will get an instant notification when you’ve paid us. Payment is due on completion of your removal whilst the driver is present. We can also accept credit cards or cash at the same time but would prefer BACS.

What happens if I book a removal but then start to feel unwell?

You should re book your removal for a future date. If you feel unwell then the sensible option is to self isolate and dont put us or other people at risk. Please call us on 01484 538917 to re book. We will transfer your deposit to your new date.

I am self isolating, will you still be able to move me if I stay away from you?

Absolutely not! if you`re self-isolating then please let us know. We can re arrange your removal for a more convenient date. Where possible we will transfer your deposit too.

Can you refuse to come in to my property and carry out my removal?

Keeping our customers and staff safe is our main concern. If we turn up to do you removal and you are showing signs of having Corona virus (fever, cough etc.) then we may refuse to do your removal.